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Dog snoozing on a hotel bed in our Big Indian, NY hotel lodging

Our favorite quote from one of our many pet loving guests:


"Lot’s of places say they’re “pet friendly” and let you bring the dog along. But you guys, you let the dogs be dogs! We’ll be back!"


With no extra fees to bring along your favorite dog, cat, fish, feathered friend or ferret... CSL has welcomed a wide variety of pets over the years. There are rivers to play in, a huge yard to chase frisbees, and firesides to cozy up to.


Your lodge managers offer one complimentary leash walk or check in service for your pet if you need to be away without them for the day while you explore the region. Additional services (extra walks, feeding, etc.) will incur a small fee.


While of course, we do have to charge for any pet related damage, we find that our pet-guests & their familes are typically very respectful! Just let us know if any accidents happen immediately, and we'll provide products to help you clean up.


Fur.... fur, fur... the most challenging part of welcoming furry friends is the fur that may make it's way into our upholstery or linens. If your pet is exceptionally furry, sheddy, or a lover of mud-wallowing...please bring along an extra blanket or sheet to throw overthe couch or beds so our housekeepers stay sane and we don't have to charge any extra cleaning fees. Don't have one, ask at the office and we'll provide an old blanket, extra old towels, or sheet for your use.


Give us a call and let us know how we can make your vacation perfect for your pet as well!

Pet-Friendly Lodging in the Catskills

Dog snoozing on a bed and pillow in a Catskills Cabin Rental
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